Often people wonder what all the svchost.exe processes are in the Windows Task Manager, sometimes there can be dozens of them!

The svchost.exe process is a system process common to all versions of Windows since Windows 2000 and NT, although very early versions of Windows such as 98, 95, and ME do not have svchost.exe processes.

If you have ever looked at the Services in the Control Panel, you will know that there is a large list of services that are running.

System services, such as the Windows Firewall and Printer Spooler, run inside of these svchost.exe processes. Multiple services can even be running within one svchost.exe process.

Is svchost.exe a virus?

It is possible that the svchost.exe running on your computer could be a virus or other malware.

Some malware will run on your computer as a system service and appear as a svchost.exe process.

If you are concerned if a svchost.exe process is a virus you can always try running an antivirus software and see if anything is detected.

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